Fausto Zazzara’s Cantina Diffusa winery extends around a number of ancient caves and tunnels excavated under Tocco da Casauria by the inhabitants of this Mediaeval village on the Abruzzo mountain slopes with their breezy microclimate. A “multisite” winery because the cellars are located in various points of the built-up area. In the past these caves and tunnels were used as shelters or escape routes from the many invaders who ventured into this district, and in times of peace they became pantries as the temperature and humidity are perfect for storing food items. Those same conditions are ideal for remuage of the bottles of spumante in riddling racks, then aged in the caves.
There are currently two sites: an artisan cellar for disgorgement of the sparkling wine and packaging of the bottles, and a cellar for refermentation on the lees and ageing. The latter was part of the Dominican monastery near the ancient walls. There are plans to extend this multisite winery in the future, seeking more underground sites in the village.