Located in Abruzzo, a region whose terroirs are renowned as ideal wine country, Fausto Zazzara’s Cantina Diffusa winery is supported by two such districts, one for the grapes grown and the other the bottle refermentation site. The locations are a few kilometres apart but are two halves of a uniquely memorable winemaking experience.
An expert team of winemakers tends the vineyards and makes the base wine on the hills of Crecchio, a Medieval town in the province of Chieti, set between the Adriatic coast and the Majella massif. Here the mountains hug the coast and the terrain soars from 0 to 2793m in altitude in just 40km, resulting in a good day-night temperature range perfect for protecting grapes from parasite attack, and south-east vine aspecting taking care of the rest. These are the secret ingredients that contribute to the production of excellent wines.
Fausto Zazzara then takes care of the second stage himself. The artisanal bottle refermentation is done in the underground cellars of Tocco da Casauria, in the province of Pescara. The town nestles between Mount Majella and Mount Morrone in a distinctive position close to the Tremonti gorges, which fosters an exceptionally dry, cool, breezy climate that keep cellar temperature constant at about 15 °C all year round, with the added guarantees of a north-west exposure and the nearby deep River Orta valley.
The continuous flow of air through the gorges urged the installation of an important wind energy production plant that not only meets the town’s needs but channels surplus back into the network for a completely eco-sustainable system. Majella National Park, right behind Tocco da Casauria, offers the best of nature, with typical mountain flora and fauna, while the town still has a Medieval historic centre with a castle and fine noble mansions. Apart from the purely geographical and climate aspects, here the culture of the “people of Abruzzo” is also key and the tenacious rural way of life is a precious factor in a great winemaking tradition.