Fausto Zazzara was born on 15 May 1953, in Tocco da Casauria, a village set in authentic wine country, on the slopes of Mount Morrone, near the Popoli gorges.
He is a civil engineer by trade, with his own construction company, designing and building various works. His creativity and methodical approach are evident in the various fields where he is engaged.
Fausto has been a sommelier for over two decades and his sheer passion is a legacy of his origins, inspiring him to become a “spumante artisan”. In the beginning he made just a few bottles of sparkling wines with loving care, which he uncorked to share with his nearest and dearest. Now he has set up a small artisan winery, partnered by the combined winegrowers of the municipality of Crecchio, who are tasked with vinification of the grapes.
The palate and nose and colour, and the yields of various varietal cuvées are examined and only the best make the grade into the bottle.
The name “Majgual” – meaning no two are the same – was chosen as a promise of ongoing improvement and the artisan technique for wines that are always special.